"Dar Little Sister of Olde Jolly Roger"
Women now be flyin' the Molly Roger, the Sexier Pirate Symbol

Avast ye curvy dogs,

Under the reign of olde Jolly Roger, wenches be force to hid thar identities. 300 years of cross dress. I say no more! The time be ripe to stand proud as female pirates.

Brave women such as Anne Bonney, Grace O'Mally n' Cheng I Sao have spiced up history of the seven seas. Unite under the flag of the Molly Roger, the first female piracy symbol.

Instead of pretending to be men, doxies can be sexy n' be a pirate. Ye now be the ultimate prize to be treasured.  Vixens have the option of defendin' our booty or grant access to our personal treasures.

Molly Roger embodies the spirit of femine scallywaggs, that of freedom, adventure, risk takin', independence, thrill seekin', rebellion, riches, partyin’, fun n' danger.

Molly be the Sexier Roger, arrr!

Women Pirate Sign - Molly Roger
Support the cause by wearing the Molly!
Pyrate Terms:
ye = you, vixen = fierce women
n' = and, wench = young lady
thar = their, avast = attention